Who run the world? GIRLS. In honor of women's history month, we would like to put the spotlight on a few fashionistas who have WOWED us with their vintage fashion statements. The NM Luxury Shop focuses on providing luxurious, affordable, and sustainable clothing to your closet. Check out some of our rare and hard to find archive pieces on our website! www.TheNMLuxury.com 


1.) @AshleyNarcisse

Ashley has so many rare designer pieces. She's been seen in archive Dior, Prada, John Gaultier, and Fendi. What we love about Ashley's style is how she is able to take her archive pieces and turn them into trendy modern fashion statements! Check her out on Instagram. She definitely has many looks to add to your mood board! 




2.) @Princesstyrinalee

Tyrina's closet is goals! You're able to scroll up and down her Instagram page and find archive designs from Vivienne Westwood, Christian Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and many more. We love how her style is very bold and dramatic yet classic. She's photographed below in a full archive Louis Vuitton graffiti look. Interested in any of these looks? Contact us and we'll be able to help you build the closet of your dreams. :)



3.) @Tabi.Queen 

This queen is known as the Margiela mami hence the Instagram name. Her closet is full of archive Margiela pieces. Her style caught our attention because she has the eye for detail! She's photographed in vintage Celine sandals. How fabulous are these shoes?! They are extremely hard to source. Here's a resale tip for rare pieces. Please keep your pieces in pristine condition! These pieces could save your @$$ one day. Imagine buying a Birkin in 1980 for $3,000. That same bag in 2021 is worth at least $12,000 in pre-owned condition. Invest in your closet! 


4.) @Karissacwalker 

Karissa's style is very sexy and body conscious! Her slim and sexy looks wow us on Instagram every time but her archive pieces is what really captured our attention. She's photographed below in a vintage John Paul Gaultier two piece bikini. So sexy right?! Check out our collection of vintage swimwear. Summer is only 110 days away!

Vintage John Paul Gaultier
John Paul Gaultier swimsuit



5.) @AmberScholl

Amber's archive pieces compliment her fun and flirty style. You just never know what Amber is going to pull from her closet! From Murakami to vintage Chanel, Amber's archive pieces are one of a kind. Consign and buy with The NM Luxury Shop today!

Amber scholl chanel purse


Amber scholl


March 02, 2021 — Mashante Nicholson